The Sentient Soul Reading Room

A selection of Focusing related articles which expand on some of its fundamental concepts and explores further the ideas of Inner Relationship building. 

Articles are displayed alphabetically by Author's first name. This page is continually being updated with new articles, so make sure you check in often.


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Barbara McGavin

Focusing with Small Physical Ailments

This article originally appeared in the September 1997 issue of The Focusing Connection. In it, Barbara McGavin describes how easy and beneficial it is to focus with the seemingly insignificant. READ MORE

Transforming Our Inner Critics: The Power of Presence

In this article, Barbara McGavin explains the workings of the inner critic, and how we can work with it to transform it from inner critic to inner supporter. READ MORE

The 'Victim', the 'Critic', and the Inner Relationship: Focusing with the Part that Wants to Die

Barbara McGavin relates her personal story. A very powerful article. READ MORE


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Su Carson

Focusing Partnerships

Su discusses the importance of Focusing partnerships to the Focusing journey.  READ MORE