Focusing Workshops: Overview

Focusing teaches us the skill of compassionate listening from a place of presence, so that we can access our inner wisdom and forward-moving life energy.  It isn't mysterious or magical - although sometimes what results from Focusing can seem that way! Fortunately, Focusing is  a very accessible human skill that anyone can learn.


Level One to Level Five Focusing: The five levels of Focusing are designed to help you develop skills in Focusing that will last you a lifetime. Each workshop builds on the learnings in the previous workshop, and comes with full instructions and handouts. You will have lots of practical exercises and the opportunity to form a network of focusing partners.

Other Focusing Oriented Topics: Occasionally we offer workshops on a specific topic that uses focusing as a technique. These workshops will usually require that you have at least experienced an individual guided focusing session or attended a Level One workshop.

Registering for workshops

To register for a workshop or retreat, navigate to the event and use the register link.

Please note, for some workshops or retreats there may be a closing day for registrations a few days prior to the start of the workshop or retreat. This is necessary for events that are catered, in order to arrange catering. Please check the details of the event to see the closing date for registrations. Where no closing date is given, registrations are accepted up until the start of the event, on receipt of full payment.

A deposit of 50% of the full workshop fee is required to confirm your registration. 50% of the  deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your registration less than two weeks out from the start of the workshop date. Payment in full is required one week before the commencement of the workshop.

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop or retreat if minimum numbers are not met. If an event is cancelled you will receive a full refund of any balance paid.