What is Focusing?

Everything we need to know about how to live our life lies within us. Usually, the only reason we can't access this inner knowing is because our mind thinks it knows better, from its position of looking at the situation from the outside or from past experience. If this were true, if our minds did know better, we would already have all the information we need to help us change or heal the situation.

Yet the situation is still there, unchanged and unchanging...

In Inner Relationships Focusing we bypass the usual understandings our mind has about a situation, in order to connect with the body's felt-sense or knowing about the situation as it is in the moment and from the inside. This allows locked-in patterns of thinking or feeling about situations to open, unfold, change, and grow. Focusing helps to bring clarity to situations that feel fuzzy, vague or unknown - it brings the fuzzy into focus - and it allows us to develop a deep and enduring relationship with our inner selves.

Focusing can assist us to bring forward movement and growth to difficult life situations, physical and emotional pain, blocks to action, difficult decisions, and repeating patterns/habits. In fact, we can bring Focusing to any human activity in order to get more out of it...not just problems or pain, but creative endeavours as well. Focusing is a powerful tool of transformation that has changed my life!